Bạn phải nhập một số hợp lệ
Bạn phải nhập một số hợp lệ
Bạn phải nhập một số hợp lệ
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Use our accurate Pivot Points Calculator to help you find the next day pivot levels and the three main levels of support and resistance of any instrument.

What is a Pivot Point Calculator

A Pivot Point Calculator is a tool used in technical analysis to determine potential support and resistance levels for a financial asset, such as a stock, currency pair, or commodity. These levels can be valuable for traders and investors to make informed decisions about entry and exit points in the market.

The most commonly used method to calculate pivot points is the Standard Pivot Point Formula. Here's the formula and a brief explanation of the terms:

  1. Pivot Point (PP) = (High + Low + Close) / 3
    • High: The highest price reached during the previous trading session.
    • Low: The lowest price reached during the previous trading session.
    • Close: The closing price of the previous trading session.

Once you have the Pivot Point (PP), you can calculate support and resistance levels based on it:

  1. First Support Level (S1) = (2 * PP) - High
  2. First Resistance Level (R1) = (2 * PP) - Low
  3. Second Support Level (S2) = PP - (High - Low)
  4. Second Resistance Level (R2) = PP + (High - Low)
  5. Third Support Level (S3) = Low - 2 * (High - PP)
  6. Third Resistance Level (R3) = High + 2 * (PP - Low)

To use a Pivot Point Calculator, you need the high, low, and closing prices of the previous trading session. You plug these values into the formula to calculate the Pivot Point and its associated support and resistance levels.

Many trading platforms and financial websites offer Pivot Point Calculators where you can input the necessary data, and the calculator will provide you with the Pivot Point and its support and resistance levels automatically. These calculators are especially popular among day traders and technical analysts.

Please note that Pivot Points are just one tool in technical analysis, and traders often use them in conjunction with other indicators and strategies to make informed trading decisions. Additionally, the effectiveness of Pivot Points can vary depending on market conditions and the asset being analyzed.

Our Pivot Point Calculator is powered by CBFX trading tools.