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Setup cash back |  Vantage Markets
Step 1. Open an Vantage Markets account
Existing Account Holders:
1. Login to your Vantage Markets client Portal
2. Select Profile – Transfer IB/Affiliate option
3. Fill out the transfer form
4. Choose "IB" as the Partnership type
5. Enter in the IB code field:
58535 or for Australia residents 60630

• Transfer will be processed only if all trading positions are closed
• Vantage Markets will transfer the account on a weekend and notify the customer by email
Step 2. Select the account type Step 1. Select the account type
Step 3. Select the trading platform Step 2. Select the trading platform
Step 4. Enter your account details Step 3. Enter your account details
This broker does not allow changes to existing accounts. Please contact our support for more information.