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Use our precise forex drawdown calculator to help you calculate accurately how your trading account equity can be affected after a series of losing trades.

What is Drawdown in Forex

In forex, drawdown refers to the reduction of the account’s capital due to a series of losing trades. It is calculated on the deviation between the highest point and the subsequent low point of the trading account’s balance. There are two types of drawdown, absolute and relative drawdown.

Absolute drawdown refers to the deviation between the initial capital risked and the minimal account’s balance below that level.

Maximum drawdown is the highest deviation between the account’s balance highest equity level and the next lowest equity level. Maximal drawdown is calculated in currency values.

Relative drawdown is the drawdown percentage reflecting the deviation between the account’s balance highest equity level and the next lowest equity level. Relative drawdown is calculated in percentage values.

A forex drawdown calculator is considered one of the most important account risk tools for professional traders. Using a drawdown calculator can help traders avoiding reaching an intolerable drawdown percentage that could put the account’s balance at risk of complete loss.

TIP We strongly advise traders to use this drawdown calculator to access the risks of opening a new trading position. We also recommend integrating this calculator with any sound Money Management Systems, to keep the equity risk under control.

With this drawdown calculator traders can simulate what should be the ideal percentage of equity to risk per trade.

How to Use the Drawdown Calculator

This drawdown calculator is useful to accurately simulate how much money will be erased from the trading account after a series of losing trades at a set risk percentage. Let's see how to use our calculator, field by field.

Starting balance: This field represents the initial account equity. For our example we will use a starting balance of 2,000 units of any account base currency.

Consecutive loses: This field represents a strike of losing trades, that will impact the final account’s balance. For our example, we will use, a series of 8 consecutive losing trades.

Loss % per trade: This field represents the risk % per lost trade. Following the rule of thumb that professional traders do not risk more than 2% of the account equity per trade, we will also use a loss of 2% per trade, for our example’s calculations.

And now, to find out how much we will lose from out account balance, we hit the red "Calculate" button.

The results: The drawdown calculator will display the  "The Ending Balance" after losing 8 consecutive trades and the "Total Loss" percentage.

In our example, an initial equity of 2,000 units of any currency, after 8 consecutive loses, is now 1,701.53 units.

In other words, even with 8 consecutive losing trades, which is quite regular in FX trading, and by risking a conservative, and recommended, 2% account equity per trade, our total loss was just 14.9%.

The calculator also displays a detailed breakdown of how much each lost trade will affect the account balance, by calculating the updated account balance, the total loss percentage and the ending account balance. 

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