One entry per person, requiring a non-disposable email address and a valid mobile phone number able to receive calls. 2 entries per IP address allowed for different participants in the same location.

Contest specifications

Starting balance: $1,000

Max leverage: 200:1

Winning criteria: Highest equity

Trading server: FPMarkets-Demo

EA trading: trading with EAs is NOT allowed. EAs trading will be disabled automatically.

Allowed symbols

Only trades on the following symbols are included in your performance, all others are excluded.


Max equity drawdown: 40.00%

Accounts with greater than 40.00% peak to valley equity drawdown are disqualified.

Max trades: 20

Only your first 20 eligible trades will be included in your performance calculation.

Min trade duration: 2 minutes

Winning trades open for less than 2 minutes will be excluded from your performance calculation. Losing trades will still be included.

We will disqualify anyone for what we view as unfair conduct: in general, any trading activity that would not win in a real-world scenario. For example, opening multiple accounts and trading similar but opposing positions as an individual or group.

Additional Conditions