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Sofern nicht anders angegeben, werden Cashback-Rabatte pro abgeschlossener Position gezahlt. 1 Lot = 100.000 gehandelte Basiswährungseinheiten.

  Global Prime ECN
Forex1,60 $ pro Lot - Monatlicher Cashback – ODER – 22,85% - Provisionsermäßigung
Metalle1,60 $ pro Lot - Monatlicher Cashback – ODER – 22,85% - Provisionsermäßigung
Monatlicher Cashback
Zahlungen werden bis zum 12. des Monats nach dem Monat, in dem der Cashback verdient wird, automatisch gutgeschrieben und überwiesen.
Commission reduction
Wenn Sie Ihr Konto bei uns eröffnen, profitieren Sie beim Handeln von niedrigeren Provisionen.
  Global Prime ECN
Forex 1,60 $ pro Lot - Monatlicher Cashback – ODER – 22,85% - Provisionsermäßigung
Metalle 1,60 $ pro Lot - Monatlicher Cashback – ODER – 22,85% - Provisionsermäßigung
Monatlicher Cashback
Zahlungen werden bis zum 12. des Monats nach dem Monat, in dem der Cashback verdient wird, automatisch gutgeschrieben und überwiesen.
Commission reduction
Wenn Sie Ihr Konto bei uns eröffnen, profitieren Sie beim Handeln von niedrigeren Provisionen.


Wenn Sie über uns ein Brokerkonto eröffnen, zahlt uns der Broker für jeden von Ihnen getätigten Trade einen Teil seines Spread- oder Provisionsgewinns als Vergütung für die Vermittlung eines Kunden an ihn. Den Großteil unserer Einnahmen geben wir dann an Sie weiter und zahlen Ihnen als Dankeschön für die Registrierung bei uns einen Barrabatt für jeden getätigten Trade. Die Spreads und Handelsbedingungen sind die gleichen, wie sie bei Eröffnung eines Kontos direkt beim Broker gelten würden. Der einzige Unterschied: Als unser Kunde verdienen Sie zusätzliches Geld pro Trade, was den Handel über uns profitabler macht als bei Eröffnung eines Kontos direkt beim Broker.

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Werden mir höhere Spreads oder Provisionen in Rechnung gestellt?

Niemals! Im Zweifelsfalls sollten Sie sich das direkt vom Broker bestätigen lassen.

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What Are Global Prime Rebates?

Global Prime rebates reduce the spread or transaction cost paid by a trader on every trade, whether it’s a win or a loss. Forex rebates come in 3 different payout options depending on the broker:
  1. Spread and commission reductions
  2. Daily deposits to a trader’s trading account
  3. Payments via Paypal, bank wire, and others

Powered by CashBackForex

RebateKingFX is powered by the industry leading forex rebates provider, CashBackForex. So what's the difference between us and them? We simply pay the highest rebate rates on the net and don't do much marketing so our costs are lower. You get the same trustworthiness and dedicated 24 hour support team and the highest possible rates!

Which Global Prime rebate program is the best?

Our business model and theme is offering the highest rebate rates at every popular forex broker. We do this by adjusting our rates whenever we find a competitor offering more. We work with cashbackforex.com, the original and leading provider of forex rebates in order to provide top notch support and services. In addition, due to being the industry leader in client volume they have negotiated the highest commission rates and thus we can easily beat competitor rates. We also offer higher rebate rates than cashbackforex.com.

Will my Global Prime spreads increase?

There may be a few scammy forex rebate providers out there that do this but we do not. It would be deceptive, unethical, and totally against our business model, not to mention customers would quickly catch on and write horrible reviews! The easiest way to alleviate such a concern is just ask customer support at Global Prime.

How can it be better to work through a 'middle-man' than just working directly with Global Prime?

Global Prime rebates are similar in nature to a credit card rewards program. Let’s take a Visa credit card for example. When a consumer purchases something using a credit card the vendor incurs a fee of between 1.5% – 3% which they pay to Visa. Many consumers are enrolled in a credit card rewards program and receive approximately 1% cashback reward on any credit card purchase they make. Is it free money? Yes and no. It’s money the consumer would not have received if they were not signed up with the rewards program, however it’s paid for out of fees charged to the vendor who will naturally build such fees into the cost of their products.

A forex rebate provider typically has a contractual relationship with a number of different forex brokers and earns a commission for each trade placed by a trader they refer to the forex broker. The marketing benefits afforded to forex brokers by such a system are substantial, from actual referred clients to branding, added search engine visibility, etc. The rebate provider then pays the client a cash rebate from the commission they earn from the forex broker.

Are Global Prime rebates worth the effort?

The biggest obstacle to any forex trader is the cost of the transaction. It may seem small, but in fact it’s the biggest factor that gives the trader less than a 50% chance of winning any particular trade. This seemingly small cost can be devastating when compounded, and in the long term if the trader relies on luck alone they are sure to continually lose on their investment. Global Prime rebates reduce the cost of the transaction and increases a trader’s probability of winning. Still, a trader must rely on their trading skill to close the remainder of the gap.

Why don't you offer more forex rebate brokers?

We have chosen to focus on the more reliable, competitive and trustworthy brokers. If we were to add every forex broker that approached us we would have at least several hundred. Currently we have a relationship with all of the most popular broker’s across the globe. As a customer-focused company our paramount concern is that we send clients to broker’s where they will be able to withdraw their funds easily when the time comes; and experience fair trading conditions and good customer service.

Global Prime
Global Prime is a trading name for GLOBAL PRIME PTY LIMITED, a company registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) with an Australian Financial Services License (Licence number 385620), ABN 74 146 086 017, ACN 1465 086 017.

Accounts can be opened in base currencies of Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Singapore Dollar (SGD) and US Dollar (USD). Deposits can be made via Bank Wire or Credit Card and Customer Support is available 24/5 during market hours. There are 42 currency pairs that can be traded.

Client funds are held in a segregated trust account with Westpac Banking Corporation a AA rated Australian Bank.
Unternehmensname Global Prime Pty Ltd
Gründungsjahr 2010
Hauptsitz Australien
Bürostandorte Australien, China, Ukraine
Kontowährung AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, SGD, USD
Bank für Kundengelder Westpac Banking Corporation
Supportsprachen Englisch, Polieren, Portugiesisch, Tschechisch
Finanzierungsarten Bank Wire
Finanzinstrumente Forex
Getrennte Konten
Islamische Konten
Akzeptiert kanadische Kunden
Akzeptiert japanische Kunden
Nicht ablaufende Demo
Cent accounts
Negative balance protection
Social trading
Regulatory deposit insurance
Trailing stops
Interest on margin
Fixed spread
Variable spread

  Global Prime ECN
Provision7,00 $ Per Lot Per 100K Traded
Maximaler Hebel200:1
Typischer Spread 0,3
MobilplattformMT4 Mobile
Spread-TypVariable Spread
Mindestgröße für Trades0,01
Scalping zulässig
Hedging zulässig
Islamische Konten
  Global Prime ECN
Provision 7,00 $ Per Lot Per 100K Traded
Maximaler Hebel 200:1
Typischer Spread 0,3
Handelsplattform MT4
Mobilplattform MT4 Mobile
Spread-Typ Variable Spread
Mindesteinlage 500
Mindestgröße für Trades 0,01
Scalping zulässig
Hedging zulässig
Islamische Konten
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